EyePro™ is specifically designed for eyelid occlusion during general anaesthesia.

It provides quick, complete and safe eye closure.

The need to maintain eyelid occlusion during general anaesthesia is well understood.

Open eyes suffer exposure keratitis and increased risk of trauma.

The most common method employed for maintaining eyelid occlusion is adhesive tape.

The strong adhesive used on tape causes problems. Removal of the tape often causes eyelid trauma (usually mild, but sometimes severe) and removal of eyelashes.



Multizone adhesive formulation for maximum safety and performance

(international patents pending)

Inner window section has gentle adhesive, preventing eyelid trauma and removal of eyelashes. Also allows monitoring of eyes during procedure.

Outer section has stronger adhesive, sealing the eye against foreign materials

Non adhesive tabs allow for easy postoperative removal




Eyepro™ is supplied sterile.